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What is CBG Oil?


What is CBG (Cannabigerol)?

CBG is a compound found naturally in the cannabis plant, but it’s rarely encountered in the legal market. Yet it is the mother of THC and CBD.  Before compounds like THC and CBD can exist, there must first be CBG.

The cannabis plant creates CBG and then turns it into the more familiar cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The plants don’t want to leave CBG as CBG, they want to make it into other useful things, which makes it hard to find this compound in any real abundance, according to Ethan Russo, a medical doctor and one of the world’s foremost cannabis experts.

“Finding plants that have a lot of CBG has been a challenge. And until recently, there has seemingly been very little selective breeding to this end.”

Without CBG, THC and CBD wouldn’t exist.

In 1975, CBGa was discovered as the first cannabinoid to form in the cannabis sativa plants. There are over 100 cannabinoids and CBD is the the precursor to all cannabinoids. Through an enzymatic process, CBGa is broken down into CBDa and THCa which is then transformed through heat into psychoactive THC and non-psychoactive CBD.

CBG hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, due to low concentrations, less than 1%, in plants with high THC content.  That’s  because breeding for CBG essentially inhibits a plant’s THC production. AND CBG seems to have the ability to level out the heavy aspects of THC.

CBG is like a mood lifter. It acts like a balancing, grounding cannabinoid where it’s this feeling of euphoria and happiness without making you stoned. CBG amplifies the positives of the other parts of the plant. The way our bodies interact with CBG gives it a range of medical benefits, as well as reducing the paranoia-inducing effects of THC.

While it’s benefits are becoming known, researchers around the globe believe it could have a significant impact on mental, physical and emotional health.  CBG works with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, and it appears to work with many other receptor systems as well.  CBG’s properties include:

  • Sleep aid
  • Inhibits cancer cell growth (also found in CBD Isolate)
  • Promotes bone growth (also found in CBD Isolate)
  • Slows bacterial growth (also found in CBD Isolate)

While CBD Isolate does not include a sleep aid property, it is tranquilizing, and at higher strengths, CBD Isolate can help you relax.

However, if you are seeking a more potent sleep aid product, then a broad spectrum or full spectrum product that contains CBG may be the answer for you.  RESTART CBG Oil contains no THC while the full spectrum products will contact <0.3% THC.

As the benefits and research come in, we will keep you up-to-date on the latest advances.

What is the Difference Between CBD and CBG?

CBG is the parent molecule of THC and CBD. CBD and CBG, unlike THC, are non-psychoactive, meaning they won’t get you high. They occur in different concentrations in the plant and have unique chemical structures.

Isolated, each cannabinoid has its own beneficial properties, many that overlap, but when CBD and CBG are taken together, the benefits of the CBD last longer and are more pronounced. CBG also amplifies the other cannabinoids in full spectrum products.

How does it work?

CBD works with FAAH (fatty acid amide hydrolase) to stimulate anandamide and the production of endocannabinoids in the body. If your system is over or under-producing, CBD helps to regulate it. CBG interacts with the receptors, and together they open the gates for healing.

Does CBG Get You High?

CBG cannot get you high and is non-psychoactive. In fact, if you’ve overindulged in THC and need to come down, it’s been found that taking CBG will clear the THC receptors and you’ll be sobered up in no time.

What Are the Potential Benefits of CBG?

CBG is being studied for potential benefit in a myriad of health issues.

Every day we are hearing  stories from our customers who can’t believe the changes happening in their lives. The more research we do, the more we’ll understand how these potent phytocannabinoids interact our system.

Super powerful and super tasty!

RESTART CBD offers a completely unique CBG Oil that is a broad spectrum with high amounts of CBG, CBD, CBN, and CBC but NO THC.

This is the strongest CBG Oil on the market with (no sugar, 100% natural, organically grown in Colorado).

RESTART CBD is always looking for ways to give customers the most benefit from our products. We stay on top of the hemp research and incorporate the latest scientific findings. When we learned about CBG, an until recently overlooked phytocannabinoid, we knew we had to bring you products that incorporate it.

RESTART Broad Spectrum CBG Oil is 20:1 strength CBD to CBG. It comes in a 40mg per mL strength