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Texas CBD Industry is Growing with Willie Nelson and Adult Ice Cream

Austin Inno's Brent Wistrom and Restart CBD in Austin
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AUSTIN INNO by Brent Wistrom Feb 8, 2019

“…..In Texas, meanwhile, the CBD is increasingly being integrated and sold in various forms, despite the state earlier warning businesses to not sell CBD. As recently as last spring, before passage of the Farm Bill in late December, state officials said it can only be sold by one of three dispensaries approved by the state.

But it’s a tricky thing to prosecute. And with the Farm Bill, there seems to be a meaningful opening.

Thus, entrepreneurs are finding ways to fulfill the market demand. Shops and coffee houses, including Restart CBD, Lazydaze Counterculture and Joy Organics in the Austin area, have been offering CBD-infused products for months.”

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