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As our pets age, their bodies go through a lot of changes including:
  • The function of their organs
  • Vital organs such as heart, lungs and kidneys begin to lose some of their function, or may function abnormally
  • Cells and tissue begin to change
  • Connective tissue, muscle tissue, epithelial tissue, and nerve tissue all begin to change
  • You may notice things like joint pain
  • Cognition difficulty
  • Lack of energy
  • Mood shifts
  • Dryness of the coat, note and feet.
Although these may all be part of the normal aging process, we can still play a proactive role in our pet’s health to help him age gracefully, be more mobile, and feel less pain, or even be pain-free.

Suggested Use:
Just like humans, animals will respond differently to varying doses of CBD. Customers are urged to make a dosage selection appropriate to the size of their pet. A pet CBD oil could be the perfect solution to your companion needs. These drops are easily added to pet food or treats as a daily supplement to help manage stress or pain.

Dosage: One serving twice per day. (Dosage will vary per pet.)

Directions: Administer by putting it in your pet’s food or drink, or straight under the tongue. These  products are safe for humans.


RESTORE Pet CBD • Pure CBD • No THC (5mg/mL)

Use our naturopathic RESTORE Pet CBD herbal potion to nourish your pet’s heart, liver, kidney’s and digestive tract.

Natural Ingredients: Organic coconut MCT oil, Pure CBD Isolate plus 5 of our favorite herbs: burdock root, dandelion root, hawthorne berry, milk thistle, licorice root.

Regular Strength (5mg per ml) 
• < 25 lbs up to 1/2 dropper = 1/2mL about 25 drops
• >25-75 lbs 1 dropper = 1ml (5mg CBD)
• >75+ lbs 2 droppers = 2ml (10mg CBD)

Shake well before use.   RESTORE CBD can be consumed for pets or humans.



REVIVE Pet CBD • Full Spectrum • <.3% THC (10mg/mL)

REVIVE Pet CBD gets it’s cannabinoid profiles from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC.

REVIVE Pet CBD supports joint function, immune & heart health. Rich in powerful omega fatty acids from  all natural EPA + DHA found in the wild caught alaskan salmon oil can help to keep skin and coats soft and healthy while supporting overall health.

Extra Strength (10mg per ml) 

• < 25 lbs up to 1/4 mL
• 25-75 lbs 1/2 – 3/4mL
• >75+ lbs 1 dropper = 1ml (10mg CBD)

Ingredients: Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower, Pure CBD Isolate.

Shake well before each use.  WARNING: For Animal Use Only. For use in adult dogs and cats.


Don’t wait for your pet to start showing signs of aging—start a natural supplement routine today!

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