Jane West Solo – One-Hitter


CBD Flower One-Hitter

The Jane West Solo is a discreet and elegant taster for CBD Cannabis Hemp flower that includes a custom fitted multitool for quick and easy cleaning.

The rounded square shape keeps the Solo from rolling away and provides an ergonomic hand feel. The silhouette also resembles a cosmetic product, making this compact one hitter even more inconspicuous.

  • It’s made from durable kitchen-grade enamel with a heat resistant aluminum core.
  • The silver-tipped bowl holds the perfect amount for a quick two puff smoke break.
  • The multitool seals inside the one hitter so you won’t lose it.

The Solo is compatible with the entire Jane West collection, so you can get one to use on its own or to replace the one hitter and multitool in any of your Jane West storage accessories.

The Solo is an elegant combination of a smoking tool and a cleaning tool that takes up less space than a standard writing pen. This product comes with a custom sized Jane West branded carrying pouch.

Length  Height : 3.75″
Use  With : CBD Flower • Cannabis Hemp Flower
Comes  With : Travel Pouch
Designed  By : Jane West

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