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The Jane West Classic Dugout offers the standard dugout shape and function with a modern twist.

  • The top swivels open to reveal a springloaded Solo one hitter and a springloaded multitool side by side.
  • The multitool is custom fitted to perfectly clean the Solo, and it even includes a rubber gasket that allows you to seal the multitool inside the Solo so you can carry the two as one cohesive piece.
  • The Solo itself is made of durable kitchen grade enamel on the outside and heat resistant aluminum on the inside, and its silver tipped bowl is the perfect two-puff size.
  • On the other side of the swivel top there’s a roomy chamber for storing your flower. But that’s not the only storage.
  • The bottom also swivels open to reveal a second storage chamber, so you can take two different strains on any adventure without getting them mixed up.

This sleek silver rectangle slips easily into a pocket or bag, and it holds everything you need to smoke in style even when you’re traveling. This product comes with a custom sized Jane West branded carrying pouch.

Length  Height : 4.75″ X 2.5″
Use  With : CBD Flower – Cannabis Hemp Flower
Comes  With : Travel Pouch
Designed  By : Jane West

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