Revive Hemp Extract · 450-900mg


RESTART REVIVE Hemp Extract · 15mg per mL

Each 30ml bottle contains 450mg medical grade hemp extract and each 60ml bottle contains 900mg medical grade hemp extract.  That’s 15mg per mL. This daily use of RESTART Revive hemp extract supplement, features naturally-occurring phytonutrients derived from organically-grown certified Kentucky hemp plants – farmed without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

Perfect as natural supplement, recommended by doctors and nurses.

Organically grown, small batch Kentucky grown hemp, Co2 Extracted Isolate, dissolved in 100% organic coconut MCT oil.  When taken sublingually, REVIVE Hemp Extract will do the trick to assist in creating the homeostasis your body needs.  “Feel better” in all areas of you life after a few weeks of taking this product.

Sublingual absorption is highly recommended and effective because the oil permeates the sublingual gland below the tongue which is loaded with capillaries as well as the sublingual vein and artery which lead to the carotid artery providing very high bioavailability.


CBD Dosage Chart: (Extra Strength 15mg per mL)

  • 1/2 dropper = 7.5mg/ml
  • 1 dropper (1ml) = 15mg/ml

RESTART Revive Hemp Extract is concentrated so that you can use less to feel more.”

  • Use orally, topically with humans and pets.
  • Can be applied directly to your skin or favorite lotion.

This Natural Anxiety Remedy Will Become a Part of Your Everyday Routine!


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