CBD Glass Joints – Zen Cowboy (Hybrid)


Zen Cowboy – Hybrid

Our CBD Glass Joints are unique, small, and discrete. Here are a few reasons why these have been flying off shelves.

HYBRIDZen Cowboy: Earthy and sweet aroma with hints of herbal flavor on the exhale. Gives a calming effect perfect for after-work peace and relaxation.

Each reusable pack contains:

  • AROMA: Camphor, Sweet
  • FLAVOR: Spicy, Piney
  • TERPENE EFFECT: Comfort, Focus
  • TOP TERPENES: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene.
  • 7-prefilled glass joints.
  • Each Glass Joint contains 0.5 grams and is capped on both ends so users can portion their consumption
  • Organically farmed, sun-grown, and full-spectrum cannabis
  •  1 GRAV® glass mouthpiece with silicone grommet included in the kits.
  • Trichome frosted flowers that present plentiful diversity of desirable cannabinoids including CBDV, CBG and CBC.
  • We guarantee the doses supplied since our hemp has a lack of biomass.
  • This premium flower is rich in terpenes and has a full spectrum of flavor:We took our time vetting out different flower brands to find top-shelf cannabis.
  • All of the Glass Joints are reusable and recyclable.
  • Includes a convenient storage tin

Consumers can purchase extra GRAV Glass Joints and mouthpieces at RESTART CBD.


  • Additional information

    Additional information


    7/pack Kit Zen Cowboy – Hybrid, 2/pack Kit Zen Cowboy – Hybrid w/Mouthpiece, 2/pack Zen Cowboy – Hybrid (Glass Joints only)