CBG Oil 40 • Sleep Aid • 2400MG • 60ML (40MG/ML)


CBD:CBG Oil 40 • 40MG/mL • 60mL (2400mg CBD)

CBD and CBG have their own beneficial properties, many that overlap, but when CBD and CBG are taken together, the benefits of the CBD last longer and are more pronounced. CBG also amplifies the other cannabinoids.

RESTART Broad Spectrum CBG CBD Oil is 20:1 strength CBD to CBG.  One of the most potent CBG oil on the market.

Pure CBD by is “tranquilizing” when taken at at higher doses, however, CBG has the benefits of being an actual “sleep aid.”

Achieve homeostasis like never before!

  • Non-Psychoactive
  • Cleansing
  • Removes “high” feeling from THC

Super powerful and super tasty!

RESTART CBD offers a completely unique CBG Oil that is broad spectrum with high amounts of CBG, CBD, CBN, and CBC.

This is the strongest CBG Oil on the market with (no sugar, 100% natural, made in Colorado), and monk fruit to make an incredibly tasty CBD Oil! Shake Well!

Ingredients: Broad spectrum CBD/CBG hemp distillate wax, real hemp terpenes, CBG hemp isolate, MCT oil, agave and monk fruit.

What is CBG?

RESTART CBD CBG products start as a whole plant extract. We take the flowers and leaves of the plant and extract the compounds using CO2 supercritical extraction.  All of the terpenes, flavonoids, and healing compounds are retained for optimal potency.

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