CBD Hemp Flower • Suver Haze


Suver Haze- has a lovely bouquet of pine, lemongrass, and tropical fruit. We love this flower for it’s relaxing properties. It’s a perfect night-cap after a long day. 

NOTICE: Our next crop of Suver Haze will be ready about mid-October.  All other strains available.  However, we do have 1G Suver Haze Pre-rolls in stock.

  • Potency: 136mg CBD/g • Delta 9 THC <0.3%.
  • Organically Grown in: Oregon.
  • No Fillers or additives.
  • Independent, third-party lab testing to ensure that the quality and integrity of our product.

Strains, colors, bud sizes and CBD strength may vary from harvest to harvest. Check in-store for additional information.