CBD Hemp Flower Hawaiian Haze

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Citris. Pineapple. Earthy. Floral.

Strains, colors, bud sizes (large, fluffy flower to small, dense flowers) and CBD strength may vary from batch to batch. Check in-store for additional information.



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CBD hemp flower products are appealing if you like the almost instant effects. Hemp flower doesn’t have an addictive opponent and is non-psychoactive. This couldn’t be more different to tobacco which contains nicotine, an extremely addictive compound.

Inhaled CBD responds more quickly than CBD in oils, edibles and capsules. Nothing beats the rapid delivery of cannabinoids into the bloodstream than smoking flower, although vaped CBD kicks in at the same rate. Once in the bloodstream, CBD disperses all over the body, and even into the brain, allowing for several therapeutic effects.

The fast relief from smoked or vaped CBD is essential for a few ailments such as pain and anxiety.  When a wave of pain takes over you, it’s vital that you can get relief on the spot. The same applies for anxiety, which can spike unexpectedly and suddenly due to various factors.

Then there’s the pure pleasure of rolling a CBD joint, and enjoying in the delicious, complex flavors of flower. CBD smoking is therapeutic, but it can also be social, and a healthier option than smoking THC-laden marijuana or nicotine cigarettes.

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Weight 1 oz
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Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower 1g, Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower 2g, Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower 3.5g (1/8 oz), Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower 7g 1/4 oz), Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower 14g (1/2 oz), Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower 28g (1oz), Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower 2oz