Capsules • PURE CBD • NO THC 25mg • 15 count (375mg)


RESTART ISOLATE CBD Capsules · Overall Wellness · 25mg/ml

A plant-based way to restore overall wellness, limit the side-effects of stress, and bring you back to your best self.  RESTART ISOLATE CBD Capsules are a nutritional supplement extracted from organic, Colorado-grown hemp. Take one to two capsules daily to enjoy a happier, healthier life and enjoy multiple benefits.

  • 325mg CBD (15 count/25mg each)
  • Amber bottle for UV protection
  • USA Hemp Derived
  • Organically Grown
  • NO THC
  • 100% Natural

15 servings per container.

Perfect for those who want slower absorption into the bloodstream.

Support your active lifestyle with 25mg CBD Capsules. Capsule format is great for those that don’t want to bother with dosing from a tincture. Our capsules are kosher, vegan and gluten free.

Each bottle contains 325mg of our organically grown, small batch Pure CBD combined with MCT coconut oil powder. This translates to 25mg of CBD per capsule. Premium ingredients are encapsulated in a gelatin and water based softgel to make for superior uptake of cannabinoids in the body. Liquid based capsules are able to dissolve in minutes as opposed to 20-30 minutes with normal tablets.

One capsule will do the trick to assist in creating the homeostasis your body needs and that is why you will start to “feel better” in all areas of you life after a few weeks of taking your product.

RESTART CBD is concentrated so that you can use less to feel more.”

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