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CBD Recipes

A common question we get, is how do I use CBD? Which is why we created this post.  It’s super easy to incorporate CBD into your daily diet; the possibilities for CBD recipes are endless.  Put it under your tongue or combine RESTART CBD into your favorite food or beverage.
CBD Fig Jam Recipe with RESTART CBDHomemade CBD Fig JamBy Sydney TorabiWe're always looking for ways to revamp your morning routine and what better way to do that then Homemade CBD Fig Jam? You heard us right... CBD FIG JAM!
Super Easy CBD Drink • RESTART CBDSuper Easy CBD DrinkBy Shayda TorabiCombine RESTART CBD with almond milk, a dash of vanilla, teaspoon of honey, and a pinch of sea salt and you’ve got a Super Easy CBD drink.  It’s  delicious warm or cold, and good for you.
CBD RECIPEHealthy CBD Breakfast SmoothieBy Sydney TorabiSydney, co-owner of RESTART CBD, Nutritionist, and avid smoothie lover puts her personal touch on the breakfast CBD smoothie.
CBD Protein Ball Recipe with RESTART CBDCBD Recovery BallsBy Sydney TorabiOne of the best ways you can incorporate CBD into a recipe is by adding it to raw balls! By leaving the CBD uncooked, you preserve the potency of the CBD.

Tips For Using CBD Oil in Your Favorite Recipe

Using already made CBD oil is the easiest way to add CBD to your recipes or food.  However, here are some things you need to keep in mind when using CBD. If done incorrectly, you can lose a lot of the CBD’s potency, making your edibles less useful.


The boiling point for CBD is 320°-356°F. If you cook or bake at a temperature higher than this, you risk evaporating some of the CBD, making your medicinal baked goods lose potency.


Be sure to keep serving sizes in mind when adding the CBD oil to your recipe. By putting one 10ml bottle of RESTART RECOVER 300mg of CBD in your brownies that make a serving of 30, each brownie will have 10mg of CBD. For more potency, add a higher strength CBD or make fewer servings.  So, keep in mind your serving sizes.

One Final Tip: 10-15mg of CBD per serving is a tried-and-true dosage that we recommend when using CBD in your beverages or goodies when sharing with friends.

Don’t be afraid to experiment to find out what works for you!