WADA Code Compliant - CBD for Athletes

CBD for Athletes

For athletes who must comply with World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA standards

  • CBD (Cannabidiol) IS permitted in competition.
  • CBD is the only cannabinoid that is legal in applicable sports.
  • If a CBD product contains any other cannabinoid – such as THC, or one of the other 100s of cannabinoids, even in trace amounts – you could be disqualified or face penalties.
  • RESTART CBD offers Pure CBD Isolate products that contain 99%+ Pure CBD with Zero THC.  Organically grown, CO2 extracted, organic ingredients. WADA Code Compliant.
  • Benefits of CBD for Athletic Recovery.

Your needs, as an athlete, are different than anyone else’s. This means your CBD use may look different from others. But, a few things remain certain:

  • CBD can help with muscle gains, recovery and even better sleep.
  • CBD can improve endurance and stamina when taken regularly.
  • CBD – when free of THC – is permitted under most current athletic organization rules and regulations.
  • CBD provides benefits that go beyond standard muscle recovery and could be beneficial for a wide variety of individuals.

“For a more in-debth look at “CBD for Athletic Recovery” check out the presentation I recently gave at a Lucky Leaf Hemp Expo in Dallas.” — Sydney Torabi 9/22/19

  • Co-Founder RESTART CBD
  • Under Armour Sponsored Athlete
  • Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer
  • Former University of Texas Women’s Swim Team