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RADICAL RENEGADE FT. SHAYDA TORABI, RESTART CBD Meet Shayda Torabi, co-founder of RESTART CBD, cannabis activist, as well as owner of With Shayda, a food and lifestyle blog. As a native Austinite, Shayda recently joined our Women Building the Future: Rising Women of ATX as a panelist at The Riveter for our Austin launch. RESTART CBD was founded by sister duo, Shayda and Sydney Torabi, after Shayda recovered from an auto-pedestrian accident back in 2016. From there on it was that moment that Shayda was then introduced into the world of[…]

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“FINDING YOUR TRIBE” – Weed To Know Basis Episode 60 w/ Special Guest Shayda Torabi

#cannabis #cbd #cannabismarketing “FINDING YOUR TRIBE” – Weed To Know Basis Episode 60 w/ Special Guest Shayda Torabi Shayda is CO Founder of “ReStart CBD” RESTART CBD is Austin’s first locally handcrafted organic CBD wellness brand founded by two sisters, Shayda and Sydney Torabi. We talk with Shayda about how she entered the CBD space and through her journey, she is finding her tribe. CONNECT WITH Shayda HERE: Email At: [email protected]

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Need Help Finding CBD in Austin? We’ve Got You — 17 Best Spots Selling CBD + Local Restaurants Serving CBD-Infused Meals (Updated June 2019) LOCAL PLACES TO BUY CBD OIL IN AUSTIN What are the best places to find CBD in Austin? We’re talking the pure stuff: oils, tinctures, and so on. We tracked down every lead on CBD that we could get our hands on and came up with this list of spots. We favored stores that source their own CBD rather than just sell[…]

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These Austin Sisters Are Making a Name for Themselves Within the Local CBD Scene Many teenagers would probably be perplexed if their parents approved of their involvement with marijuana. However, Shayda and Sydney Torabi’s mom, Jennifer Torabi, was not only for it, but sparked the idea for the sisters’ successful Austin business, Restart CBD. Story by Linda Hamilton Photos by Maya Dandashi Restart CBD opened up a little over a year ago. Sydney, 25, and Shayda, 28, are both Austinites, born and raised, so planting a new business in their city was right up their alley to “Keep Austin[…]