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Save Delta-8 THC

Save Delta 8. Restart CBD Austin TX

Broad spectrum Delta-8 THC oil has been a blessing for many individuals across the country. However, the DEA has made illegal effective August 21, 2020 with a 60-day comment period. In order for Delta-8 THC to remain legal, please see below to learn how you can help join us in our effort to save Delta-8 THC. We can only win this with massive support so share, share, share! Please make your voice heard.  Public comments ending October 20, 2020. Public Comments until October 20. Make sure to reference,  RIN[…]

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Texas Prohibits Sale of Smokable Flower by Texas Retailers

RESTART CBD Texas Bans Smokable Hemp Flower in Texas

NEWS UPDATE: Temporary Injunction on the “Ban of Smokable hemp” appears to be in force until the trial that is set for February 2021. Without legal authority to do so, on August 2 the Texas Department of State Health Services instituted regulations banning the retail sale of legal smokable hemp products. (More here.) Four Texas companies are suing to overturn the state’s ban on the manufacture and sale of smokable hemp products. In a lawsuit filed in Travis County District Court, the companies asked a judge[…]

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Legality of Hemp by State


Total THC vs. Delta-9 THC Standard What is the legality of hemp in your state? As of 8/28/2020 The 2018 Farm Bill defines “hemp” as, in part, “acids, […] with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol [(“THC”)] concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.” Some states interpreted this statement literally, to mean that “only” the delta-9 THC content in hemp would be used in determining compliance with the state and federal statutes. However, other states like Oregon, interpret the federal statute to mean that[…]

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How to Make Your Own Edibles with CBD Shatter or Wax


Homemade edibles have always been made the old fashioned way – with cannabis flower or trim. The green tint and strong flavor in cannabis-infused butter is a result of of this process. But you can also use concentrates like wax, shatter, live resin, etc to make homemade edibles, and using concentrates instead of flowers makes the process much easier because you only infusing, not extracting. You don’t have to strain plant matter out of butter or olive oil, and when you  use a concentrate instead of[…]

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Powerful CBD Hemp Tea Recipe

RESTART CBD Hemp Tea from Pre-rolls

Cannabis tea has been used for centuries to sooth common conditions like pain, nausea and inflammation.  Unfortunately, marijuana cannabis is known for it’s psychoactive THC content, and many people who might otherwise benefit from this type of treatment, never try it. Not everyone wants high levels of THC. For those who don’t, CBD products from cannabis hemp, like flower, oils, edibles or tea can be the perfect solution. The best part about this CBD hemp tea recipe, is that it can be made using hemp cannabis[…]