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Austin’s CBD Sisters: a higher calling

It’s not uncommon for a major life event to lead people to their higher calling. But for Shayda Torabi, finding that calling was a bit more painful than she would have liked.

After being hit by a car in 2016, Shayda suffered from a fractured sacrum, pelvis, and nose. After 8 months of physical therapy and numerous steroid injections, she was still in considerable pain. Rather than committing to surgery and yet more recovery time, her mom suggested that she try CBD. No stranger to cannabis, Shayda was happy to give it a try. Within a few months, her pain had been drastically reduced, and she was a believer.

Shayda’s athlete sister Sydney soon began to partake as well, using CBD to soothe sore muscles and promote recovery. So in 2018, the sisters brought their passion for wellness and hemp together to found ReStart CBD in North Austin.

Setting Up Shop

Shayda and Sydney found very quickly that not all CBD is created equal. In an industry that’s experienced such explosive growth (expected to nearly triple by 2022), it’s inevitable that not all products will meet the same quality standards. In fact, a 2017 study showed that 70% of CBD products didn’t contain the amount of cannabidiol indicated on the label.

So it was important to the Torabis that they provide a premium, reliable product. ReStart CBD is organic, vegan, non-GMO, and American-grown. They use a difficult cold CO2 extraction method, preventing degradation of the oil or tainting it with chlorophyll from the plant. The sisters even provide lab test results on their website, so you can verify how much CBD you’re getting — and how much THC you’re not getting.

As for the shop itself, it looks more like a minimalist salon than your stereotypical cannabis shop. Clean white walls, glass cases, and fresh greenery send a clear message — this is a health product. ReStart focuses on healing, recovery, and overall wellness through consistent low dosage consumption. Although CBD sellers have to be very careful about their health claims, early evidence indicates that CBD can help with sleep, anxiety, pain relief, headaches, and even epilepsy.

The signature product line includes Replenish for wellness, Repair for chronic pain, and Relax for stress relief (yes please). These oils come in smart little bottles and are taken in drops under the tongue. They also have topicals like salves and roll-ons for pain management, as well as plenty of GRAV tasters and steamrollers if you prefer to smoke CBD flowers.

And since it’s Austin and we’re all obsessed with our dogs, there’s obviously a pet line as well.

Regulation and Education

Before Restart CBD, both Torabi sisters were big-time local bloggers, separate from their CBD business. Shayda has run food and lifestyle blog With Shayda since late-2016. And Sydney’s Spin Syddy health and wellness blog has been dropping fitness knowledge since mid-2015.

That experience has been invaluable in their new role as ambassadors of CBD — a highly misunderstood product.

The 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD with less than 0.3% THC from the Drug Enforcement Agency’s list of Schedule 1 controlled substances. So far, so good. But it had no bearing on the Federal Drug Administration. Under FDA rules, CBD is still technically not allowed in food, drinks, or supplements — although you wouldn’t know it with the number of CBD-infused seltzers, gummies, and chocolates currently on the market.

Updated CBD regulations are still pending, despite industry insiders clamoring for guidelines. And to date, the FDA has taken a “hands-off” approach, providing little information and less enforcement on the product. So the sisters have used their blogging skills to create an “education-first” brand.

Blog posts like “What are cannabinoids” and “CBD and Drug Testing” help to dispel the myths around a still-stigmatized substance. And their CBD 101 page is a wealth of information. It covers subjects like dosage, product considerations, CBD isolate, industry research, and too many other topics to list. They bring their messages offline as well, attending CBD expos, dinners, and speaking on panels to spread the good word.

When asked how they feel about building a business in a highly unregulated industry, Shayda said:

“Presently we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the legalities, but there’s only so much caution you can have…When everyone is running to market, we don’t want to be so cautious we hold ourselves back. But we also see a lot of bad products and misinformation hitting the market, and just try to do our best to get proper resources to the end consumer in a way that abides by the current legal landscape…The best thing we can do is educate consumers enough to make the best decisions for themselves. We say it’s your body and you should know what’s going in it.”

Some confusion still exists about who should use CBD. Is it medicinal? Recreational? The Torabis seem to put it in the same category as massage. People with chronic pain can use it as a tool to promote healing and reduce discomfort. And the rest of us can use it as a tool to ease stress, relieve mild aches, and promote relaxation.

But unlike a massage that costs $100 a pop, CBD is self-care we can afford. Treat yo’ self.

ReStart CBD is located at 2521 Rutland Dr #150A, Austin, TX 78758. If you’re not in Austin, don’t worry — they ship to all 50 states.

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ATX AF Podcast Parts 1 + 2


Local business owner Shayda Torabi started Restart CBD with her family in August of 2018. Since then she has stepped to the forefront of both the CBD “trend” as well as Cannabis activism in Austin and all around the country, speaking at conferences in front of thousands and being featured in every media form imaginable. See how Restart separated itself in the marketplace by both it’s branding strategy and many collaborations with local brands. Learn the backstory behind the business and Shayda as well. With Shayda: IG: @withshayda Co-Founder of: @restartcbd Restart CBD • Web: • FB: • IG: @RestartCBD • Youtube:… USA CBD Expo • Web: • IG: @usacpdexpo


Local business owner Shayda Torabi started Restart CBD with her family in August of 2018. Since then she has stepped to the forefront of both the CBD “trend” as well as Cannabis activism in Austin and all around the country, speaking at conferences in front of thousands and being featured in every media form imaginable. In Part 2, she discusses the many uses of CBD from helping with sleep all the way up to a pet line of CBD products. With Shayda: IG: @withshayda Co-Founder of: @restartcbd Restart CBD • Web: • FB: • IG: @RestartCBD • Youtube:… USA CBD Expo • Web: • IG: @usacpdexpo

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Popular Austin Blogger Sisters Fight the CBD Mystery at Their Family Cannabis Shop

RESTART CBD Aims to be a Place for Healthy Learning

They say never to go into business with your family, but sisters Sydney and Shayda Torabi are proving that notion wrong. The Torabi sisters are the founders and owners of RESTART CBD, which claims to be Austin’s first locally handcrafted organic CBD wellness brand.

RESTART aims to be a safe space to ask questions, get educated and discover how CBD products can fit into your life.

The Torabi sisters pursued other careers before opening RESTART at 2521 Rutland Drive. Shayda was working in web development and expanding her ever-popular blog and Instagram, With Shayda,. Sydney was pursuing work as a nutritionist and working as an Under Armour sponsored athlete and fitness trainer while having a popular Instagram and blog in her own right.

Cannabis and related products have been a significant part of the Torabis’ home life. Beyond just the two sisters, the whole family was deeply interested in the medicinal and healing properties of CBD. Shayda was injured in a car accident that left her with two fractures in her pelvis, and after almost a year of traditional recovery methods, she was still in chronic pain.

“As the story goes, I found incredible recovery through consuming high doses of CBD based products,” Shayda Torabi says. “Within three weeks I found myself able to find relief from the pain.”

And after seeing the benefits of CBD in her own life, Shayda was inspired to join forces with her sister Sydney to answer questions those curious about CBD have. The sisters understand that the market is very unregulated right now — and that it can be a scary place for unsure consumers.

“We happily serve baby boomers, millennials, veterans, professional athletes, medical professionals,” Shayda says. “And the reality is no matter what age you are, what background you have, pain is universal.”

Maintaining access to high quality CBD is all about putting quality plant-based medicine in the hands of the people, according to Shayda.

RESTART CBD originally launched with tinctures, but what really sets the sisters’ brand apart is the launch of an isolate based CBD oil, which is void of other cannabinoids (like THC), making them flavorless and extremely effective.

From there, the store expanded into pet products, topicals and edibles. And, the Torabi sisters commitment to quality means that none of their products have additives, preservatives, or flavorings.

“CBD is a personal journey, everyone’s body is going to respond to CBD at a different milligram,” Shayda says. “So we really just want people to feel confident in making decisions for themselves.”

The Torabi sisters are committed to educating consumers on the trendy ingredient they’re putting in their body, which can now be found in soda, candy, and even cookies. They encourage carefully reading ingredient labels, and considering how much CBD is in the bottle, the size of the bottle and the ingredients listed.

RESTART CBD is located at 2521 Rutland Drive, Suite 150A in North Burnet, Austin.

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Hemp Flower CBD Cigarettes: A Natural Substitute for Tobacco Users

RESTART CBD Cigarettes

Smoking hemp flower might serve as a replacement for some tobacco users. Many consumers are turning to CBD in various forms to replace tobacco, and early research indicates the cannabinoid may well have some potential in that arena.

CBD cigarettes have the potential to ween smokers off tobacco and onto something safer.

Shayda Torabi, co-founder of RESTART CBD (and former cigarette smoker herself) finds that smoking high-CBD hemp flower and hemp cigarettes takes away her cravings for tobacco smoke and the desire to light up.

She finds that smoking hemp flower, not only helps her feel relaxed without being high, it also serves to replace the rituals associated with smoking cigarettes.  Especially, a pre-rolled, filtered hemp cigarette which offers the enjoyment of smoking a tobacco cigarette but in a smaller quantity than 1 gram of pre-rolled CBD Hemp flower.

RESTART CBD offers carefully trimmed and properly treated hemp flower—high in CBD but containing almost no THC.

CBD cigarettes and pre-rolls may help some smokers reduce their tobacco use. While smoking CBD Hemp flower from a pipe, glass joint or in a pre-roll provides the same experience, chemically speaking, our CBD cigarettes give smokers a truly natural alternative to smoking a cigarette, and can help to replace the cravings of smoking a tobacco cigarette. PLUS the added benefits of the hemp flower and CBD.

For a lot of people, smoking is more than just a chemical addiction to nicotine.  It’s taking a moment to sit back and relax or unwind when out on the town with a friend. 

To beat a nicotine cigarette habit, RESTART CBD offers a replacement that has the same feel in the hand and mouth that cigarette smokers are accustomed to.

It smokes like a cigarette and comes in similar packaging, while replacing tobacco with CBD-rich hemp.

Our goal is to help people fight cigarettes with cigarettes.  Pre-rolled high-CBD flower joints and CBD cigarettes are growing increasingly popular with our customers.

RESTART CBD offers high-CBD cigarettes in addition to CBD Hemp flower, CBD Vape, CBD oil and other products.

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CBD Certified Hemp Flower

Certified Hemp Derived CBD Flower - Restart CBD


RESTART CBD flower contains Industrial Hemp certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. This product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC content, as required by law.

These products are separately defined by the 2018 Farm Bill and state level hemp programs. The mailability of industrial hemp products has been challenged in federal court and upheld in initial and final rulings.  Link here for More Info

Case Information: 

September 21, 2018. Appeal of Determination on Nonmailability. KAB, LLC v. United States Postal Service. P.S. Docket No. MLB 18-39

December 6, 2018. Appeal of Determination on Nonmailability. RNF, LLC v. United States Postal Service. P.S. Docket No. MLB 18-113

Other Facts:

Top 3 hemp states in the US.


“Oregon has a well-established network of hemp growers and processors, plus a sweeping new testing regime that helps boost its position in the hemp industry.

Its 2017 testing law requires hemp producers to give their products the same testing as marijuana, meaning Oregon hemp products will be food-grade quality and tested for pesticides and contaminants.

This could position Oregon hemp products for national dominance, an attractive proposition for growers in this Pacific Northwest state.”

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is no longer a controlled substance and is now a legal agricultural crop in the USA.

Although the legalization of hemp is big news for US farmers, hemp grown in other countries has always been certified under the USDA organic regulations. Handling operations in the USA have been certified for products made from imported organic hemp since at least as early as 2004.

The USDA organic regulations do not have any provisions that would restrict the types of products that can be made from organic hemp–including CBD. The definition in the 2018 Farm Bill specifically includes all parts of the hemp plant and all type of products made from hemp.

Subtitle G—Hemp Production ‘‘SEC. 297A. DEFINITIONS. ‘‘In this subtitle: ‘‘(1) HEMP.—The term ‘hemp’ means the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of that plant, including the seeds thereof and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.