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“FINDING YOUR TRIBE” – Weed To Know Basis Episode 60 w/ Special Guest Shayda Torabi

#cannabis #cbd #cannabismarketing “FINDING YOUR TRIBE” – Weed To Know Basis Episode 60 w/ Special Guest Shayda Torabi Shayda is CO Founder of “ReStart CBD” RESTART CBD is Austin’s first locally handcrafted organic CBD wellness brand founded by two sisters, Shayda and Sydney Torabi. We talk with Shayda about how she entered the CBD space and through her journey, she is finding her tribe. CONNECT WITH Shayda HERE: Email At: [email protected]

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Remedy Journey - Restart CBD - #1 CBD Shop in Austin

Need Help Finding CBD in Austin? We’ve Got You — 17 Best Spots Selling CBD + Local Restaurants Serving CBD-Infused Meals (Updated June 2019)


What are the best places to find CBD in Austin? We’re talking the pure stuff: oils, tinctures, and so on. We tracked down every lead on CBD that we could get our hands on and came up with this list of spots.

We favored stores that source their own CBD rather than just sell prominent national brands, since it helps cultivate a unique, local CBD culture.


Address: 2521 Rutland Drive, #150A, Austin, Texas, 78758 (corner of Rutland and Burnet Road near the Domain)

Hours: Mon-Sat: 11AM-5:30PM, Sun: 11AM-3PM

First up is Restart CBD! What’s not to love about Restart? They:

  • Are women owned (started by two sisters)
  • Use only organic hemp
  • Lab-test all products
  • Source their own CBD
  • Use CO2 extraction (arguably the best CBD extraction method)

We can’t say enough positive things about them: the interior of their CBD store is gorgeous, and they offer a wide range of high-quality products (topicals, oils, edibles like CBD lollipops, CBD flower, tinctures; both full-spectrum and zero THC).

One of our favorite things about Restart CBD is that they’re very intent on building a CBD-centered community in Austin. They even have lessons on how CBD works and host local popups and other CBD-related events.

If you want to tap into the heart of CBD culture in Austin, Restart CBD is a great place to start.


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These Austin Sisters Are Making a Name for Themselves Within the Local CBD Scene

Many teenagers would probably be perplexed if their parents approved of their involvement with marijuana. However, Shayda and Sydney Torabi’s mom, Jennifer Torabi, was not only for it, but sparked the idea for the sisters’ successful Austin business, Restart CBD.

Story by Linda Hamilton

Photos by Maya Dandashi


Restart CBD opened up a little over a year ago. Sydney, 25, and Shayda, 28, are both Austinites, born and raised, so planting a new business in their city was right up their alley to “Keep Austin Weird.” As children, their mother was into natural ways of healing, usually “prescribing plants over pills,” Sydney said.

“We always went the alternative route instead of taking medication,” she said.

About three or four years ago, Shayda was involved in a car accident that left her with a broken pelvic bone in two places and pain that just wouldn’t seem to stop. She was in her early 20s when she was hit as a pedestrian and what was a traumatic and unfortunate scenario, helped create a mogul who is fueling the CBD business as it grows in Austin.

While Shayda was more of the sister to try things recreationally, she said, the idea that CBD could be something to improve her health and physical state wasn’t too far fetched, but it never really occurred to her. About 8 months after her accident, she was still in pain despite taking prescribed medication. Her mother began to research CBD on the internet to help Shayda’s chronic pain, and Shayda began taking the CBD sublingually, applying it under your tongue, and topically, applying it to the surface of your skin. After trying CBD, Shayda said that after about 3 weeks she felt an improvement.

Co-Founders and sisters Sydney and Shayda Torabi at their CBD shop Restart CBD in North Austin.

The two sisters come from a nutrition and marketing background. Sydney earned a degree in nutrition sciences from the University of Texas at Austin, and Shayda graduated with a bachelor’s in strategic communications from Concordia University Texas. Entrepreneurship runs in the Torabi family— with Shayda and Sydney’s parents also having their own business, Austin Insurance Group, located next door to Restart CBD. Their parents have always been open-minded about their recreational activities, mainly Shayda’s partaking in the world of CBD for purposes as far as health and the healing properties tied into them, she said. Restart CBD specializes in CBD for wellness, be it mental or physical.

The main goal for the store and the sisters is to educate the public on what CBD is — the facts, not the opinions. In recent times, CBD has become popular in relation to anxiety, pain relief, overall wellness and a new market for business and revenue. The Permanente Journal— an online peer-reviewed journal on medical science, social science in medicine, and medical humanities— conducted a study showing that CBD has brought positive results when improving sleep disorders and anxiety. CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a phytocannabinoid found in cannabis, discovered around 1940. THC, another popular substance, properly named tetrahydrocannabinol, is used for similar purposes, but it isn’t apart of the CBD immediate family.

“CBD is present in marijuana just like THC is present in hemp,” Shayda said. “We reference them as cousins, not as siblings, so same family but different makeup.”

Restart CBD’s products mostly contain more CBD to have the effectiveness of healing rather than the feeling of being high. The CBD world is growing and expanding every day, and today, there are about 17 CBD stores in Austin.

“The reason why cannabinoids work is because you have two anti-cannabinoid systems in your body that regulate how your body functions and operates, so CBD plugs into those receptors,” Shayda said.

The launch of their business came into play when CBD had recently become legal in the United States. After years of back and forth about the benefits of CBD and its legality, CBD was was made legal in Texas in June 2019, according to The Dallas Morning News. However, the unfamiliarity of CBD’s healing benefits to the public can still sometimes be touchy depending on the individual, the sisters said.


Both said there was a time where they believed at some point, a cop would come into their store questioning the legality of selling CBD, but that has yet to happen.

“We learned it really just depends on the cop,” Shayda said.

The expansion of their business has only grown since the start. Their connections in Austin have included Tiny Pies— who have created a pie infused with CBD caramel sauce which was sold at Austin City Limits this year— as well as an ice cream parlor that has done a CBD ice cream. Shayda and Sydney have made it clear that businesses can only thrive when you include others are included.

“One, it is highlighting the brands that we love locally,” Sydney said. “Two, it is introducing CBD to people in a way that is familiar.”

Although their business was inspired by their mother, Sydney and Shadya said they are still shocked when they learn some of their customers have similar stories to theirs about being introduced to CBD.

“We get customers, and we ask them where they heard about CBD, and some say, ‘Oh, my parents use it, and they told me about it,’” Shayda said. “It’s just super cool to know that it is something that families can share with each other.”

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What You Need to Know about Pets and CBD

With CBD’s growing popularity among humans for easing conditions like anxiety and pain, many pet parents are hopping on the CBD bandwagon for their furry family members.

Dr. Stacy Mozisek

CBD: Perhaps you’ve noticed those three little letters everywhere lately. From skin care to breakfast cereal, it seems CBD is the ingredient du jour and is being added to almost everything. But there’s good reason why. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the active components of cannabis, yet because it is not psychoactive, it doesn’t result in the euphoric effects often associated with ingesting marijuana. However, CBD has been found to alleviate a variety of health ailments.

Because CBD is a component found in the cannabis plant, it is often confused with the mind-altering substance THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is what causes the “high” from marijuana. While CBD and THC both exist in the marijuana plant, CBD on its own isn’t mind- altering. In addition to marijuana, CBD can also be extracted from marijuana’s close cousin, the hemp plant. The main difference is that hemp contains almost no THC and is harvested, in part, for its health benefits.

With CBD’s growing popularity among humans for easing conditions like anxiety and pain, many pet parents are hopping on the CBD bandwagon for their furry family members. If it’s OK for humans, does that mean it’s OK for pets?

Once relegated to holistic health-care providers, CBD is skyrocketing in popularity, even in veterinary circles. Dr. Stacy Mozisek, a veterinarian and the medical director at Firehouse Animal Health Center, says there’s a growing curiosity about CBD for pets.

“Although I can’t prescribe CBD to my patients, I’m glad they’re discussing it with me,” Mozisek says. “However, it’s not a treatment in and of itself.”

Mozisek explains cats and dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans. Their bodies have receptors that respond to CBD the same way the human body responds, which is why CBD reacts similarly in both humans and animals. Researchers are studying CBD’s effectiveness for treating such issues like chronic pain, seizures and anxiety in animals.

“An arthritis study showed promising results on increased comfort and mobility with the use of CBD,” Mozisek says. “Another study pertaining to seizures in dogs was less profound. However, both studies prompted more research. We expect CBD to become part of our medication toolbox as we gather more data and once there’s more regulation as it pertains to animals.”

There’s currently no regulation on CBD for animals, leaving veterinarians with a looming problem.

“Many products are marketed for animal health, and almost none of them have CBD as advertised. That’s not to say reliable products don’t exist, but if people choose to give CBD to their pets, they need to purchase from someplace trustworthy and read labels,” Mozisek cautions.

Shayda Torabi
Shayda Torabi courtesy of Restart CBD

Shayda Torabi, co-founder of Austin- based Restart CBD, shares a similar sentiment.

“One of the biggest reasons that Restart exists is because there wasn’t anyone available to translate all the information about CBD,” she says. “People need to trust where they’re getting their CBD from, and that’s why in addition to our online presence, we have a brick-and-mortar store.”

Restart’s CBD products are extracted from hemp, which means there’s zero to only trace amounts of THC in the company’s products. Torabi explains when purchasing CBD from an unknown source, it’s essential to look at how many milligrams are in the product. If you don’t see the dosage, you’re likely buying a product with a lot of filler.

Should you decide to try CBD for your pet, it’s important to know how to administer it and how much to give.

“Our human customers usually get their dosage through a dropper under the tongue,” Torabi says. “Since most people would rather not stick their hands in their pet’s mouth, that method doesn’t always translate well for animals. We recommend mixing the CBD oil in their pet’s food, water, or they can offer CBD-infused treats.”

The animal’s weight determines the starting dosage.

“The thing to understand about CBD is while there’s a minimum starting dosage, the upper limit for what ultimately provides relief doesn’t exist,” Torabi says. “Offer the smallest dosage first and work your way up, with 1 milligram per 10 pounds as a starting baseline.”

Unless your pet is extraordinarily talented and can share that he or she is getting relief with CBD, observation will likely be the best indicator of how it’s working.

If you’re interested in using CBD to ease pains for a fluffy family member, Mozisek and Torabi note to check with the vet first, read labels and buy from a reliable source.