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What’s in Your CBD oil?

RESTART CBD and Organic MCT Oil

Did you know that there is more than CBD in your CBD Oil.

CBD is not very bioavailable since it needs to be in the presence of fat to be effectively absorbed, that’s why CBD oils contain a carrier oil, whether it’s MCT oil, hempseed, avocado, coconut, ghee, grapeseed, olive, palm kernel oil or another oil.

What’s a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is what the name implies. It’s an oil that carries another substance.  The same way that a perfume contains a base that carries the scent.

But with CBD, a carrier oil does more than just act as a base. It powerfully influences how much CBD your body absorbs and utilizes.

If you were to extract and dry the CBD from hemp, it wouldn’t do you much good.

  • First, pure CBD powder would be hard to measure accurately because the doses are so small. (It’s very powerful!)
  • But second, powdered CBD is not very bioavailable since it needs to be in the presence of fat to be effectively absorbed. Thus, the carrier oils.

Does it matter which kind of carrier oil is used?

We think so. RESTART CBD uses Organic MCT coconut oil and here’s why?

MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides. Derived from coconut (or sustainably sourced palm kernel oil). MCTs are easier to digest and absorb than long chain triglycerides (like the ones in olive oil). As a result, the CBD they carry is released into your system quickly. MCT oil also preserves more CBD during the extraction process than other oils. In fact, coconut oil has been called a “near perfect medium for cannabis” products because of the ease with which CBD binds to it.

All carrier oils ARE NOT created equal. We prefer organic “coconut” MCT oil vs. palm kernel oil for the following reasons:

  • Coconut oil, derived from the fruit of the coconut tree, is a super-oil full of naturally present antioxidants and is an excellent anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
  • It is exceptional for nourishing the hair, nails and skin. Its almost 50% content of lauric acid means that coconut oil can retain a long shelf life and improve good cholesterol (HDL).
  • It is also great for dry skin and treating skin conditions as it has natural deep moisturizing properties. Which is why we love using it in our topicals as well.
  • RESTART CBD Organic MCT oil is derived from coconuts.

RESTART CBD PURE CBD Oil starts with organically grown, co2 extracted CBD and combines it with Organic MCT coconut oil. That’s it.

NOTE: For those allergic to Coconut Oil, we do offer a custom blend RESTART REPAIR with hempseed oil.  

Hempseed oil does not contain any CBD. This constituent occurs in other parts of the hemp plant. So when you use hempseed as the carrier oil, you are reuniting some of the various components of the whole plant, which may work in synergy together.  Same goes for hemp extract and other hemp compounds, which we can custom blend for you in our 30ml RESTART REPAIR.  However, we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator, and using it within 6 months as it is one of the few oils that have a very short shelf life once open and exposed to air.


“In order to boost your energy levels, consuming “a tablespoon of MCT oil” is a great alternative to inhaling cups of coffee, because “it’s a very concentrated source of energy.”

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House Bill 1657 Would Allow the Distribution of Hemp Products in Texas

RESTART CBD Vote for Hemp in Texas

Vote to make hemp products legal in Texas.

Texas farmers are restricted by the federal government from growing hemp year round.

The only way to change hemp laws in Texas is through the legislature. The Texas House of Representatives and Senate meet every two years for approximately 140 days.

House Bill 1657 would change that by allowing Texas to use resources and personnel to produce and distribute hemp products in the state.  Forty other states have already passed similar legislation, solidifying hemp as a legitimate commodity.

On February 12, Texas State Rep. Roland Gutierrez (Texas House District 119/San Antonio) said “operating hemp  on a commercial scale is a ‘big win’ for Texas farmers because the crop requires less water and resources to grow.”  Hemp and marijuana are members of the cannabis family, but hemp has lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD whereas, marijuana has higher levels of THC.

We need all activists to start contacting their Legislators NOW to start a conversation on cannabis law reform and upcoming cannabis reform bills. You can create an account on My LTO so that you can follow the bills when the Legislator is in session. Find a link to contact your legislators here.

Texas Hemp Bills to Follow

HB 1230 (Rep Dominguez) – Relating to the production and regulation of hemp.

HB 1657 (Rep.Roland Gutierrez) – Relating to the production and regulation of hemp.

SB 116 (Sen. Jose Menendez) — Relating to industrial hemp; requiring an occupational license; authorizing fees.

HB 989 (Rep. Ryan Guillen) – Relating to industrial hemp; requiring an occupational license; authorizing fees.

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Behind The Brand with RESTART CBD

RESTART CBD Contact - Handcrafted in Austin, Texas

Original post:

Restart CBD is an Austin-based brand founded by two sisters: Shayda and Sydney Torabi.

When Shayda reached out to me on Instagram a few weeks ago, I was excited to find that Restart CBD is both a woman-owned business and local to Austin. I love discovering and supporting local businesses, so when she invited me to visit their shop off Burnet Road, I eagerly accepted!

I learned that Shayda was involved in an accident a few years ago that left her with a fractured pelvis and it was actually their mom that introduced the idea of using CBD as an alternative to manage her pain. Shayda’s positive experience with CBD encouraged Sydney to begin using it to promote post-workout recovery and relaxation. From there, these CBD sisters were inspired to share their passion with the community and become a part of re-shaping the conversation around cannabis.

One of the main things we discussed is the importance of educating yourself about the products that you use. Shadya and Sydney spend most of their time in the shop teaching customers the basics: what CBD is, the difference between full-spectrum vs isolate, and even how to read labels. The goal with their products is to meet people where they are most comfortable, which is why they offer a variety of options that include sublingual drops, soaking salts, and even skin salves for those that might still harbor a stigma around ingesting cannabis.

These sisters are so committed to helping newbies navigate the world of CBD that they hold a monthly forum called Canna Conversations where consumers can participate in an open discussion about cannabis-related topics. (Non-newbies are welcome, too!) Their next meeting is Thursday 2/21 — if you’re in the Austin area, swing by!

Shayda and Syndey are looking forward to moving to a new location (still off of Burnet Road) that will provide them with more space and be easier for customers to find. They are currently working on adding a line of CBD gummies for sugar fiends like myself, and are committed to creating a formula that is free of additives, fillers, or preservatives.

let’s hear from shayda and sydney!


To show that women can do anything men can do! We’re grateful to build a business in a time where there are more and more women entrepreneurs every day, but we understand the battle is not over. So any opportunity we can contribute to leading by example, by supporting other women-owned businesses, to help lift up others to reaching their full potential. That’s how change happens, so being able to be a business that is helping to establish that change is a powerful and beautiful thing!


It’s absolutely helped! In fact, the cannabis industry as a whole has a lot of strong female leads. 26% more females in leadership positions over 21% in traditional industries. That’s extremely motivating and exciting especially in such a disruptive space like cannabis. What it shows us is that not only are women here to represent more and more of the workforce, but we’re kicking butt at it and making moves in major ways to inspire the next generation of leaders.


We’re constantly reading High Times, Leafly, and other leading publications just trying to keep a pulse on what’s happening on a national level. Here in Texas we try to be as connected as we can to the local organizations leading the charge like Hemp Industries Association. Additionally we want to establish ourselves as a resource, helping to share that information we come across with our customers and followers. We’ve launched a monthly CBD focused event series called Canna Conversations where we host meet ups where consumers can come and talk about specific topics relating to Cannabis and CBD. And we have a secret, but not really secret, Facebook group where anyone can join and help contribute to the conversation by sharing resources or asking questions.


Ever since we came across Flora and Fortitude (owned by Ellyn Dixon) we’ve been hooked on their CBD caramels. Plus we are just obsessed with their branding and attention to detail when it comes to quality ingredients being incorporated into their products. And they’re a Texas company too, hello San Antonio! We love supporting female owned business AND local, a double win!