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  • 5 star rating I was helped by mom and one of the sisters just a few minutes ago! Mom gave me a lot of great info on the right CBD for sleeping. Great experience in store! Most places I've been to haven't been able to give me specific info on why one oil might work better than another but they definitely gave me solid info. I've learned a lot on my own over the last year of trying CBD on my own but definitely recommend them for a first time CBD user. This would have been a great place to go when I first started using CBD products. - Jess R.

    5 star rating I began my CBD journey only recently as a last resort for attempting to handle my anxiety. I didn't know much about it, and I wasn't really sure if it would work. I was looking around for a quality product, and someone I follow on Instagram mentioned they were trying Restart. I purchased the Relax dropper bottle, and began experimenting with dosage. This has made the biggest difference in my lifestyle where I thought nothing could. I can drink coffee now without worrying about the wrenching anxiety that comes with it. I can fall asleep and stay asleep easier now. I have an easier time in public, and it's even given me a bit more confidence since I'm....well, relaxed, lol. I told myself I would shop around after Restart but now I am so satisfied I truly don't want/need to. I'm looking forward to trying the new products that were just released. - Antonia D.

    5 star rating Super knowledgeable for novices and very welcoming environment. I recommend it for anyone trying to learn more or ease their way into CBD. - Charlotte H.

    5 star rating My story is long, but the bottom line is: YES. GO. SHAYDA IS A GODDESS AND VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE, INFORMATIVE, HELPFUL AND TRUSTWORTHY. I'M AN ABSOLUTE CBD ROOKIE BUT THANKS TO HER HELP I AM CONFIDENT IN MY PURCHASE AND HEALTH PLAN. I've dealt with depression and anxiety for years, ten of which I've been taking meds to manage. I personally don't care about the side effects of my prescriptions, however, my doctor wants me to reduce/ completely stop taking my anxiety medication because there's research indicating it has a pretty high correlation with early onset of dementia. Problem there is that after ten years of taking increasing doses, my body is physically addicted and coming off klonopin 1) sucks but 2) can cause seizures... I'm not really that interested in dealing with that. Additionally, my dog has severe leash anxiety... I love him and he's the sweetest puppy you'll ever meet, but once he's on the leash, you'd never know it. He's also gotten to be stronger than me, so we both need something to change. Funny how dogs take after their owners, huh? OKAY so what's important here: I drive by Restart every day on my office commute and I've been telling myself that ~one~ day, I'm going to stop in and see what's up. Of course, the anxiety's played a pretty significant role in me waiting this long to actually go - it's okay, I'm laughing at myself with that part. Today was the day. I was thinking about how I'm low on my meds, I haven't slept in the last two days and how my dog's underarms were rubbed raw after we tried to go for a walk last night with his new, "no-pull" (which turned out to be an actual joke) harness. We both needed something. Considering I don't live under a rock, I've heard of and read about the benefits of CBD in the last few years since it started having its moment. That said, I'm also fully aware that the internet has a plethora of misinformation, so the only thing I walked into Restart knowing today was that I'm completely clueless and I have no idea what I'm looking for or what I was doing... and that I was wildly vulnerable to be absolutely taken advantage of when it comes to over-selling, over-pricing etc. That last part is just a fear of mine... since I've got next to no knowledge, I'm in basically the same position as when I'm in a car shop; anybody could tell me anything and I'd be gullible enough to fall for it. SUCH WAS NOT MY EXPERIENCE AT RESTART. I walked in and was warmly greeted right away. After gawking at all the inventory that's completely foreign to me, Shayda came out and offered her assistance like the goddess she is. What am I looking for? Oh, you know, just one product that'll fix both mine and my dog's anxiety. Do I know anything about strength or doses or what sort of product I'm needing? Of course not. Please guide me. Help!Shayda was an angel with her assistance. She showed me a number of options and had several ideas for product options. She also helped guide me when it comes to figuring out what dose is going to be most effective for both my dog and myself. Even though she had every right in the world to do so, she didn't roll her eyes at me once. She talked me through everything absolutely devoid of judgement - I very much appreciated her informative patience throughout the experience - and even sent me on my way with handwritten instructions for everything. I was nervous about what I was going to end up paying for everything (I once got a tiny tin of CBD salve at a farmer's market for a whopping $75,) and much to my pleasant surprise, everything in the store seemed to be priced completely reasonably. I checked out and headed right home. I followed her instructions for both my dog and myself in giving our brand new CBD oil a try. I got home roughly an hour and a half ago and my dog is very calm - he noticed other dogs when we were walking, but his reaction was noticeably muted - is this heaven? I also feel noticeably better and I don't feel like I'm going to be reliant on my anxiety medication in order to (hopefully) get some sleep tonight.Thank you, Shayda and team, for all your assistance with my initial dive into the CBD world. I'm so thankful for your kindness, your patience and  willingness to help... I also am very appreciative that I wasn't oversold. I will absolutely be back and I'm super thankful to have you guys as my trusted resource. - Crystal Y.

  • 5 star rating Mika was super knowledgeable and helpful. I went in clueless and now feel educated and confident with my purchase. Gave me her full undivided attention from entry to purchase to exit. Will definitely be back! - Sherilyn M.

    As a local chiropractor, I get approached by many people wanting me to sell CBD. I have chosen not to sell any CBD products in my clinic but rather find a local brand whom I can trust to send people to. After doing some research, I finally made my way into Restart CBD. I use their products myself and recommend them to patients as well! Best quality CBD and people I trust! Sydney and Shayda are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful! Can’t say enough about the owners and the people they are! Go check them out! You won’t be disappointed!! - Matt D.

    5 star rating I've tried their pre-rolled joints and the salve and both have helped me with muscle soreness. My girlfriend uses their Repair for her knee pain as well as her depression and anxiety and it's been a relief to see her so much happier every day. - Evan M.

    5 star rating I really appreciate the level of care and service I receive at Restart! The staff is very knowledgeable and care. They always make me feel comfortable guiding me to exactly what I need. It's refreshing to find great customer experience! - Noelle B.


Shayda + Sydney break down CBD dosing for your goals in this quick video.

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